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Aedrek, an immortal agent of the Celestia Venatoria, is on a routine mission when he meets the charismatic rebel commander Zaerial Nocami. Embroiled in the middle of a civil war that forces him to revisit his painful past, Aedrek must choose between honor and duty. Either decision will mean his world will never be the same.

Available 9/7/2012! $4.99 for Kindle

SUNSET Issue 01

THREE IF BY AIR - Novel, 2011

Nathaniel Hewitt is a Patriot and resolute supporter of the Glorious Cause, fighting for liberty and self-governance for the American colonies of Great Britain. When he joins the newly formed Continental Air Cavalry, he quickly establishes himself as one of America’s best fliers. Striving for success against the British kites in the air undermines his efforts to court Constance Whitegate, the daughter of the most vocal loyalist in South Carolina. Together they must stay unified and steadfast in the war that threatens to consume them. $4.99 for Kindle


BLADEFISH - Novella, 2010

Jake Thompson, an ostracized cryptozooligist, and Allison Youngblood, a bodyguard with a dark past, have been given the opportunity of a lifetime: to locate and catalog a mysterious fish species hiding in the Amazon River. The local residents fear what they call the bladefish, and warn Jake and Allison to reconsider their expedition before it is too late.

Soon to be included in an upcoming short story collection!


STEPSIDE BLUE - Short Story, 2010

Stepside Blue is a forgotten 1956 Chevy truck slowly surrendering to the rust and rain in the abandoned yard of its long-passed owner. Can there be any hope for a vehicle that clings to its memory of the family that has moved on?

Soon to be included in an upcoming short story collection!


SUNSET Issue 02 - Comic Book, 2009

The Circuit have returned to the city of Sunset, ready to resume their criminal enterprise after being dismantled by Crossfade and Fusion. But first they need to steal back their weapons.


SUNSET Issue 01 - Comic Book, 2008

Welcome to Sunset. A chrome and glass prototype for the union of art and technology. The perfect city. Then it happened. As Ian O′Malley and his team were experimenting with hyper-dimensional physics a bomb meant to destroy them changed everything. Sunset is now the dimensional frontier, the borderland between the Prime Dimension and the realms of shadow and light. Imbued with abilities from the dimensional experiment gone wrong, Crossfade and Fusion now stand as sentinels; as the only true guardians of the city and the Prime Dimension.


SUNSET - Screenplay, 2006

Ian O'Malley has everything. A bottomless grant from the government, a state of the art office building complete with the most advanced hyperdimensional testing laboratory on earth, and his best friends Alex and Lillith to help run the show.

When a hitman from the mysterious Circuit plants a bomb under the lab, Ian's lige and the lives of everyone he loves will change forever.


ZEPPELINS & BOMBERS - Sourcebook, 2001

The CRIMSON SKIES sourcebook that almost was, "ZB" outlined every major airship class and long range bomber in North America and beyond.

New movement rules for zeppelins and new stat sheets for each nations' bomber inventory was included. Was to be published in 2001 but FASA Corporation closed their doors while it was at the printers.


PRIDE OF THE REPUBLIC - Sourcebook, 2000

The Republic of Texas's secession in 1930 touched a match to the powderkeg of internal American unity, breaking the once great nation into European-sized territories dotting the land.

This sourcebook covers the internal workings of one of the most successful - and aggressive - nations to rise from the ashes of the United States. Complete with a war campaign and 6 new aircraft.

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