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SUNSET Issue 01


My blog is found over on

My blog covers my progression as a writer and the evolution of each story and project I work to complete.

Also be on the lookout for the occasional "off topic" blog post, just to keep everyone on their toes.

SUNSET Issue 01


My twitter page is @Novelhawk and I my updates generally surround what I am working on at the time, information on occasional deals/offers, etc.

Every 500th follower may get something cool from me. A copy of my comic book, an autographed copy of the art from one of my book covers, etc.



The VENATOR'S BLADE Facebook page is my newest watering hole for all things regarding the VENATOR'S BLADE fantasy series.

It will compliment and augment the VENATOR'S BLADE page found here on this website.


Amazon Author's Page

I have an Author's Page over on It links my blog and Twitter feeds, and shows the books I currently have listed there.



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