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SHADOW OF THE HUNTER, the first book in the VENATOR'S BLADE series is available on 9/7/2012 exclusively on Kindle!

Follow immortal agent and venator Aedrek Muldivan as he becomes entangled in a civil war while he wonders why he isn't measuring up to his mandates.

Available 9/7/2012! $4.99 for Kindle

SUNSET Issue 01


Once again, has received a full redesign! I've streamlined the layout and added more informative content while removing unneccesary information.

SUNSET Issue 01


I will be a guest on the Geezer Gamer Community Cast #89 podcast on 9/6/2012, the day before the release of my new fantasy novel SHADOW OF THE HUNTER - VENATOR'S BLADE BOOK I.

I've never been a guest on that podcast before, but my podcast roots go deep, back to the Dimensional Divide days of 2009. Those were good times.



The newest Novelhawk blog post is up. Called The Cover Uncovered, it reveals my upcoming fantasy novel's title and illustration.

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Another Novelhawk blog is up. Mapping Out My Fantasy Novel - In the Shadow of the Release Date outlines my process for putting the finishing touches on a manuscript and discusses the book cover versus the cover from THREE IF BY AIR, my historical fiction novel from 2011.

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My latest Novelhawk blog takes a step back from writing to discuss the great military museum and symbol of Texas, the Battleship Texas. The blog post is called We Can Save Her. In the post I share some pictures from a trip I took there several years ago as well as making an offer to donate the profits of the sales of my Revolutionary War novel THREE IF BY AIR to the Battleship Texas Foundation.

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My newest Novelhawk blog is called Metamorphosis - Too Soon? This time around I discuss hiring an editor and the number of people it takes to make a production like a novel successful.

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The Keys to Success & Latest Updates is the latest Novehawk blog by yours truly. I catch everyone up on my efforts to complete my fantasy novel, as well as a sales update for my alternative history novel THREE IF BY AIR.

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My latest Novelhawk blog is called The Machinations of Marketing - Enlisting Everyone. In it I discuss how the marketing of a new novel seems to envelope those around you.

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