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The following characters are featured in Book I of the Venator's Blade Series, called Shadow of the Hunter.

Aedrek Muldivan - Human (Farrior)
Aedrek has been a struggling venator for three years and is apprenticed to his critical companion Meruvi. Aedrek carries a kaltiri, which is a krosh'in curved sword, in honor of his lost love. As he struggles to put the past behind him, he is sent on a mission to spy on Zaerial Nocami, the commander of the Krosh'in rebellion. Seeing her up close reawakens his painful past and forces him to reconcile split loyalties.
Meruvi - Hyrellan Elf
Meruvi is a capable and disciplined venator, having served in the Celestia Venatoria for five decades. When Aedrek joins the order, she is forced to withhold her disdain for his impulsiveness and attempt to forge him into a hunter.
Zaerial Nocami - Human (Krosh'in)
Zaerial is the young and passionate leader of her island's cause of independance. Tired of being treated like second class citizens by the kingdom that never conquered Krosh'in, Zaerial has vowed to rid the island of her enemies.
Tybus - Human
Tybus is a member of the Celestia Venatoria, and serves as an expeditor, a role that dispatches venators on missions and documents their successes and failures. Meruvi and Aedrek report to Tybus.
Jilliana Uliess - Human (Krosh'in)
Jilliana was Aedrek's bondmate and lifelong friend. He fought by her side during the sacking of Farrior and now carries her sword to honor her.
Niles Garrin - Human
Niles Garrin is the captain of the corvette Echosharke, which is one of several vessels on retainer by the Celestia Venatoria for use by venators and other specialists. Captain Garrin is pleased with the lucrative arrangement, but dreams of retiring to the endless seas that dominate the edges of the map.
Gilgutz - Orc (Greyclaw)
Vetter - Human
Terin - Human
Merksim - Elf
Cragosh - Orc (Greyclaw)
Stephen - Human
Eidolon Heridei
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