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Celestia Venatoria

The immortal agency widely known as the CV, Celestia Venatoria has ensured balance and stability in the world since before history recorded such things. It is controlled by a mysterious leader who routinely perceives new missions and tasks from the eternal ones, known as Ceruni.

IBelow the head of the order is the office of expeditor, which is a role that assigns missions and tasks to the many venators and other disciplines. The expeditors are always veterans of the positions they now direct, and they are excellent record keepers and natural leaders.

The most famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) title in the CV is that of venator. Venators (which mean "hunters" in the old tongue) are specialists that handle nearly every external task. An external task is a mission that occurs outside the walls of the Reconditory. These missions include surveillance, mediation, balance enforcement, and assassination.

Venators are feared and respected everywhere they go. Their armor is a telltale blue and gray, and the mere sight of a pair of venators is often enough to quell a rising problem completely.

Other support roles include dock workers, chefs, seamstresses, blacksmiths, ship crews, and more. Most support roles are not granted immortality like the other offices are, and are constantly being replaced.


The Reconditory is the island headquarters of the CV. It is a volcanic island that has been gutted and infused with all manner of magic and machines from every previous age. Unlike Heliotic magic, the Reconditory was enchanted with eternal magic, which persists. The island is shrouded in a magic cloak that renders it invisible and repells approaching vessels. Thus it is impossible to locate for a ship that is approaching the island without appointment.

Regional Offices
There are dozens of regional offices spread accross the world. Some are well known and help serve as a positive face of the order, while others remain clandestine. The most well-known regional office is located in the Tower of Pulvera in Run'cala.
The entrance to the Reconditory from the docks is always under guard. For the last 1,500 or so years the guard has been a crystallic rescinder, a large bipedal crystal-based being that requires no sleep and is always vigilant.
Legacy of the Celestia Venatoria

There are as many different opinions of the CV and its intimidating venators as there are islands in the sea. Some people admire and respect venators, seeing them as benevolent peace keepers. Others feel they are nothing more than assassins and thieves that shroud themselves in conspiracy. The order believes in the Creed of Eternal Balance, and enforces the oath without prejudice or emotion.


The backbone of the Celestia Venatoria, venators begin life as normal citizens of the nations and countries they come from. At some point in time, they are brought into the CV by eternal decree, and must leave their families and countries behind forever. Upon joining the CV, a venator is given immortality. They no longer age nor do they suffer from sickness; however, they can still be killed in combat.

Because of their immortal status, most venators are not considered veterans until several decades have passed. Some venators have served in their roles for hundreds of years, with a few even breaking the thousand year mark.

Venators are always deployed as pairs, a male and a female, with the senior partner being in charge of the mission and answering directly to the expeditor. The junior partner will stay a subordinate until being assigned his or her own new partner when the time comes.

Venators have a variety of talents including negotating skills, knowledge of laws and customs for every nation in the area they serve, and sometimes know multiple languages. The one skill that all venators must excel at is combat in every form. Each venator is trained in every major school of battle, and have been conditioned to constantly monitor their surroundings for tactical adjustments.

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