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Eternal Matters

Little is known about the eternal realm outside the Celestia Venatoria. Most societies have their concepts of the afterlife, and a loose belief in some vague sense of eternal justice, but the average person bases their faith on superstition and cultural tradition.

The Celestia Venatoria is not an eternal order, but an immortal one that answers to the Keepers, a race of custodians known as the Ceruni. It is unclear even to the CV what power directs the Keepers, but it is generally accepted that the Keepers maintain the Arcusian Machinia, which is the machine of the universe.

While not a machine in the strictest sense, the Arcusian Machinia is always in motion and rolling across an infinite number of instances while simultaneously consuming and creating different portions of existence.

Arcusian Machinia

The Arcusian Machinia is named for Arcus, which is generally accepted as the being that created the universe. Most mortals have no knowledge of the Arcusian Machinia, but everyone has heard of Arcus. Some pray to Arcus as a diety, but most have their own preferred gods or idols to worship.

Eternal Sigil
Some worlds contain one more eternal sigils, which are very powerful items that draw from eternal magic which does not fade over time. While there are only a handful of eternal sigils, there are many more items that people claim as sigils but are not.
The zypher is almost completely unknown to all but the highest ranking members of the CV. Mortals have no knowledge of them at all. An eternal being, the zypher is only ever unleased when no other options exist. Once turned loose, it is said that no other power in the universe can stand against it.
The Afterlife

Every culture almost universally agrees in the concept of an afterlife. In the eternal machine, the afterlife is partially tailored to each culture's understanding of life after death. The Krosh'in people believe the dead live on in a great eternal city, while the followers of Idranius believe in island paradises, one per faithful soul.

Ascendant Age

As the Arcusian Machinia progresses and Time records the evolution, different variable ages rise and fall. These are referred to by the Ceruni as Ascendant Ages. Mortals are aware of this phenomenon, identifying each age that history recalls by a defining event or attribute.

The current age, which is waning, is generally referred to as the Age of Heliot. Heliot is the name of the sun, and most magic is based on its energy. Heliotic magic is failing, and has been for centuries, though no one knows why. The ascending age has not yet been characterized by mortality, since the transition away from the Age of Heliot has not provided a defining attribute.

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