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Most of the known territories in the world found in Book I of the Venator's Blade Series are large islands.

Kingdom of Muiralta

The dominant kingdom in the Sea of Tor'Uss, Muiralta is the center of commerce, culture, and science. A large portion of the islands surrounding the capital Run'cala are subject islands to the kingdom.


The most recent addition to the Muiraltan Kingdom, the people of Krosh'in agreed to join the kingdom a century earlier. Coming to regret their decision, the Krosh'in people fail to assimilate into Muiraltan culture and the fires of rebellion blaze. Krosh'in are distinquishable by their hair color, which ranges from black, blue and purple to green, and their eyes, which are always gray.

The island is also shared by a clan of orcs, who claim the territory around the massive Greyclaw lake in the center of the island.

Legend has it that Archisle was the first island to be populated, and has traditionally been a nation steeped in history, trade (especially textiles), and farming. Archisle was the first island to join the Muiraltan Kingdom. As a result, Archisle's native culture has faded in recent generations.
Lunari Kingdom
The islands south of the port town of Semelon make up the above-water territories fiercely guarded by the Lunari, a race of beings who can breath both air and water. The Lunari have traditionally waged an on-again-off-again war with Muiralta, though territory rarely exchanges hands.
The capital city of Krosh'in, Seltani is home to the island's largest population, as well as beautiful canals and elevated bridges. It is also the power center of the Krosh'in rebellion.
Selmuth is the second largest city on Krosh'in, and is located on the northwestern shore at the mouth of the Narrows. Selmuth is primarily a fishing center, with several hundred boats plying the cool blue waters for spider groupers and the coveted smoke ray.
A Muiraltan fishing village on a small island off the southern coast of Krosh'in.
The Narrows of Oberghost
The straight between the islands of Archisle and Krosh'in, the Narrows are home to deepwater currents, deadly trench waves, and sea monsters. Most ship captains will sail all the way around Krosh'in to avoid a course through the Narrows.
Fortress Run'cala
The Fortress city of Run'cala is the largest population center in the known world and is home to the Muiraltan king and government branches. Run'cala is also the leader in trade, culture and diversity.
Sea of Tor'Uss
The Sea of Tor'Uss spans the oceans around the Muiraltain and Lunari kingdoms, as well as encapsulating a number of independant islands. It stretches beyond the northern horizon to the Sliverglass Blockade, east to the rumored continent there, west to the black waters of Borigar, and south to to the Great Shoal Steppes.
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