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What is Venator's Blade?

Venator's Blade is a fantasy series by writer Patrick Koepke. Set in a world dominated by islands and ruled by emperors and kings, an agency of immortals watches over events as they unfold with a sworn oath to protect the eternal balance of all things.

The first novel in the series, Shadow of the Hunter, follows immortal venator Aedrek Muldivan as he struggles to live up to his office. Trapped by his disapproving partner and the desparate grip he maintains on his past, Aedrek realizes there is more to his mission than he could have guessed.

Aedrek is ordered to monitor the meeting between a high ranking Muiraltan senator and Zaerial Nocami, the leader of the Krosh'in rebellion. He finds himself lost in her struggle to free her people when an assassin's arrow upsets the conflict and reverberates memories from his past.

Venator's Blade is a seven volume series that will span the ages of the world and part the veil on the eternal machine, known as the Arcusian Machinia.

Series Information


The first book of the series covers the Krosh'in rebellion against the Kingdom of Muiralta and the razing of Farrior. Aedrek and his partner Meruvi must work to maintain balance and find an assassin that has struck before.

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SUNSET Issue 01

Untitled - Book II

Tentative Release Date: Holidays 2013.

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